Lezzzzbehonest, all girls are secretly lesbians. Is it just me or does lesbianism seem to be the trend these days? I believe that sexual attraction is often circumstantial and most people are a little bit bisexual, or at least bi-curious, regardless of the gender of past partners.

I mean come on, if Jennifer Lawrence propositioned me I’d be down. Seriously, JLaw if you are reading this hit me up, my Twitter handle is at the bottom.

Guys, there is so much more bi-experimentation going on than you all realize. Being part of a sorority in college I have seen this first hand. The majority of the time girls are not comfortable sharing this information with anyone but I’m telling you that most girls have some lesbian tendencies.

As girls get older they start to develop their true sexual identity; sexuality becomes clearer and more defined as time goes on. Figuring out who you are is a sign of maturity and sex is at its core.

One of my best friends from college just got out of her first female to female relationship. She was completely boy crazy her entire life but she met this girl, started making out and bam dated for two years! I guess she realized for a period of time p*ssy licking was better than dick sucking.



LISTEN UP you guys, you are not the only people who realize how hot girls are.

Every girl is somewhat curious and wants to experiment but some just have more confidence to actually go through with it than others. You need to be in touch with your sexuality and comfortable enough with yourself in order to make this a meaningful experience.

Let’s be real, all women are two drinks away from a lesbian encounter. Think about it, touching another girl is natural — you touch yourself so it’s really not that much different. The best part is you don’t need to worry about a gag reflex, it’s all about your tongue.

Everyone’s sexuality fluctuates, but it doesn’t necessarily mean someone is gay or straight. We all have our homosexual moments. Experimenting is only natural, so why not try it out with someone you are close with? Chances are your friends are just as curious as you are.

It should come as no surprise that most straight girls find other women to be more physically attractive than men regardless of sexual orientation. It is definitely much easier to connect to other girls emotionally so why not make it physical? Men love women’s bodies a hell of a lot more than women love men’s bodies.

People fall on all different points of the sexuality spectrum; however, many can be persuaded to do something with the same sex. If you think about it, there is no real societal stigma against women hooking up with other women. In fact, through a man’s eyes, it is encouraged.

Unfortunately in society, everyone seems to fit neatly under a label. Too many people are preoccupied by the opinion of others and as result will not experiment even though they really want to; labels need to become a thing of the past.



Can bisexuals be attracted to both lipstick lesbians or just ‘straight’ up dykes? Do I wear a cut off tank or a slutty dress? Who cares, anything you wear will appeal to either gender so stop fretting and get yourself out there. The best part of batting for both teams is the plethora of ass available on any given night. When you walk into a bar, who knows which gender you’re going for that night? You have endless options.

Pure sexuality is very rare. According to the Kinsey Scale, a widely accepted measure of sexual orientation, there is a minimal amount of people who are strictly straight or gay. Most people are actually somewhere in the middle!

Honestly, I think all women in some way or another are attracted to other women, or at least have been before. If you think about it, who knows how to please a woman better than another woman? They know exactly what you want and how you want it.

– Via Elite Daily