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Is everyone either a sadist or masochist? Or both? The pain of love and the anguish of unreciprocated desire have served as a prevalent theme in art through books and music for centuries. In some cases these pains are emotional or figurative but for many people their sexual pleasure involves the physical pain.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those that hurt others and those that let others hurt them. When those that inflict pain onto others see that you are hurting, they do not stop tormenting you. They continue inflicting pain, relishing in the sight of you aching before their eyes.

These people are the sadists of the world. The other type of people are those whom enjoying receiving this torture. These people, although they are already hurting, bleeding and crying, continue to face their oppressors. They don’t run or leave, they stay, they are the masochists.

If a person has a tendency to be cruel to another just for the sake of it, they are said to be sadistic. This cruelty involves both physical and mental pain inflicted upon another person. Sadistic behavior is not limited to other human beings, it can apply to animals as well.


Ever since the “50 Shades” phenomenon people have used this terminology to solely refer to sex. A sadist enjoys the feeling of power, control and authority that comes from playing the dominant role.

Masochists are the people who derive pleasure from being hurt. These people are the slaves to sadists. Masochism needs to be looked at in terms of control. By taking the role of obedience or helplessness, it offers this type of person a therapeutic escape from the pressures of life.

It allows someone else to take responsibility for their personal decisions. These people often derive satisfaction from earning the approval of a domineering figure. Furthermore, being under the control of someone else can evoke feelings of safety and protection.

Let’s talk sadistic behavior – they’re whiny, easily angered, enjoy rough sex, typically very loud. These types of people tend to be less predictable. Masochists on the other hand are generally very quiet, with hidden sexual desires. Many successful people tend to participate in masochistic behavior as a way to escape from the demanding nature of their realities.


People who have less controlling positions in their lives tend to participate in sadistic acts since they can finally take on a more aggressive role. Even though there are many theories that explain this type of sexual behavior, there is no clear explanation as to what causes sexual sadism and masochism.

Liking pain is not a problem, every person has things that turn them on. It is a matter of accepting what that truly is and finding a partner you can be comfortable expressing this with. The first step of accepting your sensuality and desires is to be comfortable within yourself without passing judgment.

A sadist is a person who finds pleasure or joy in giving pain towards others while a masochist is a person who finds pleasure in receiving pain from others. These two types of people are generally very compatible in romance and sexual intercourse. Sexually, the infliction of pain can cause a sensation unlike any other. The rush this feeling offers is unparalleled to anything else you could experience in the bedroom.

“The less you notice them the more they chase after you. There’s something perverse about women…they are all masochists at heart.”

When it comes to love, we are all just a bit masochistic. We will endure some of the most difficult hardships, the kind that stem from our emotions just so we can know what it’s like to be appreciated and cared for. The moral of the story is we all like to hurt ourselves and other people. It’s obvious we find it interesting as well as entertaining, just take a look at what we watch and listen to.

– Via Elite Daily