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How many men out there have ever been in a situation that has resulted in a girl throwing out the infamous line: “Buttttt I have a boyfriend?” Listen up: if a girl has to revert to say this, this chick has already gotten herself in a pretty bad situation.

For some reason women think saying this beforehand will make them feel better when they actually cheat on their boyfriends. Well, just because you let the other person know you have a boyfriend does not make you exempt from any wrongdoing. Cheating is cheating and that’s that — well unless it’s not.



Rationalization is a beautiful thing, but in this situation, it is hard to make excuses. When two people are in this situation, there are a few different routes that can be taken. It usually depends on the guy’s response, let’s take a look at some of the more common interactions.

I don’t care

In this type of situation, which most tend to be, the guy doesn’t really give a sh*t if the girl has a boyfriend. Odds are she really doesn’t care that she has one either or she wouldn’t be half naked straddling this guy on a couch. These people put the boyfriend in the back of their minds, if that, while they get down to business.



I’m a good guy, I can’t go through with it

Chances are this guy is a flaming homosexual because who turns down p*ssy when it’s offered to him on a silver platter. In this case ladies, gather up your undergarments and get the hell out of there.

I feel bad about your boyfriend, but not bad enough to pull my dick out of you

This is similar to the first scenario, but a little nicer of an approach; this guy will more than likely not spill your encounter to his friends, since he does not want your boyfriend to find out. What a gentleman!

Well, I don’t know your boyfriend, so you’re the one doing something wrong

This guy is a douchebag, stop hooking up with him immediately. He is doing something equally as wrong as you and seems pretty immature that he cannot take responsibility for himself. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



That’s cool I have a girlfriend/child/wife

Look, you two assholes found the perfect cheating counterpart, #winning! This is not a commendable situation, but you are both equally as guilty so that should make you both feel better about yourselves. I mean if you both have a significant other, it cancels out the other, right? Two negatives make a positive, or something mathematical like that.

In any case, who actually cares? Proceed in pursuing your quest until she directly brings up the fact that she has a boyfriend. There is no moral obligation to respect someone else’s relationship. If she hasn’t put a ring on it, she is available for an upgrade. While this is all satirical, if you have a boyfriend you probably shouldn’t be cheating on him. Well unless, he’s actually an asshole himself, then by all means go for it.

– Via Elite Daily