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Yes, you read the title correctly. I’m about to shatter Jay-Z’s implication that once a good girl has gone bad, she’s gone forever. Sorry Jigga, but that’s bullshit. Thanks to reality television and general life experience, most men have a preconceived notion that if a woman has a past, she’s not worthy of your future.

What I’m really trying to say is that there is no such thing as a ho. GASP. Just women who haven’t found the right man yet. Essentially, if you meet a woman you automatically label her a ho, it’s your fault that she acts like one. To be frank, women are far smarter than men and we can smell your bullshit from a mile away. So, we know when you’re serious about us, and when you just want to get laid.

In most cases if she sleeps with you right away, it’s just because she knows that’s all you want, and maybe you’re cute so she gave you the goods just to get hers. The problem is, men don’t realize that she did that because she plays the game better than you do.



Below are the ways in which you can turn a ho into a housewife:

Assessing The Level of Ho

Upon meeting a woman a man must take the time to assess how far gone the woman actually is.  If you meet her mom and they talk about blowjobs over dinner, sit through the meal with a straight face, but run like bloody hell when it’s over. However, if all you’re basing your ho level on is a tramp stamp she got in college, then you’re just being a moron.


Here’s the situation, women are humans too, and they make mistakes. If you’re going to be the asshole that treats them like they’re disposable, she won’t care about you and do whatever she damn well pleases — making you think she’s a ho in the process. But, if you treat her like she’s worth something, she’ll change and be the woman you want her to be. All we really want is a little respect and love, and you’ll get it right back, 10-fold.

The Double Edged Sword

Ah, the double standard of the century: men don’t want a virgin because they are more work than a 9-5, yet if a woman has sex she’s automatically labeled a whore. Let’s break it down shall we.

Men, just because she may have a more evolved sexual history than you doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a ho. If women based their assumptions on men by how they behaved in their early 20s, we would all be running around thinking every man on earth has a problem with premature ejaculation.



That’s not far off, is it? So, you shouldn’t judge a woman by her past. More often than not, if you treat her as a real woman and not the “ho” you’ve built her up to be in your head, she can turn out to be pretty fantastic.

Confusing A Strong Woman with a Ho

Men have a stupid habit of confusing strong women that won’t put up with your shit, with a ho that just wants to sleep around. False. A powerful woman carries herself well, knows what she wants and refuses to settle for anything less. The truth is, many men are intimidated by these qualities and label her a ho so they don’t have to deal with it.



Men also fear a powerful woman will somehow emasculate them. Not the case. No woman wants a bitch, so she’ll never treat you like a bitch. Therefore, if no man wants a ho, don’t treat her like one.

Sexual Encounters Do Not Constitute The Makings of A Ho

Just because a woman has sex with men who she is not in a monogamous relationship with, does not mean that she is a ho. Sex is a human need, just like food and air. Would you say a woman is ho for breathing a lot? No. Then is makes no sense for you to say that just because she needs sex.



I will agree that men shouldn’t waste their time on trashy women who don’t respect themselves, or have no family values. But, if all you’re basing your opinion on is when the last time she got laid was, you’ll probably end up alone for the rest of your life.

The Bottom Line: The real problem lies in how men define the word ho. Unfortunately, most of the time they listen to rap lyrics and think a woman who has sex is a ho. Well sweetheart, you’re not a rapper, so those are probably not the people you should be taking advice from.

Closing Thoughts: Treat a woman like a ho and that’s all you’re ever going to get out of her. Treat her like she’s worth something, and you’ll find someone that’s wife material. Try it out, and you can thank me later.

– via Elite Daily