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Sure you hear it all the time: chivalry is dead and love is cursed by monogamy — especially from me. But if you really consider why these two truths have sprung up in our modern dating world, you have to reflect on certain factors in society that make them so. One of the biggest factors in this dating shift would be women losing their true sense of value. They’re selling themselves short in order to become sluts or someone’s side chick.

Sure, we men are responsible for the problem, but who can blame us when we’re sex-loving creatures looking to stick it into anything that has half an ass and a c cup? You can’t. It’s something that we want to be appeased – but, ultimately, it has to be given to us. This is why I’m questioning the degrading valuation of respect and how women treat themselves in this modern day and age.

The sad truth is that women don’t respect themselves and they don’t place enough value on their own vaginas. They need to put their own pussy on a pedestal. Aside from sex, most of these girls don’t respect themselves, but expect to be respected by others.  Sure, we men love easy prey, we love one-night stands, we love a girl who can twerk in the club and in the bed so that we have awesome experiences that we can brag to our friends about.



Sure, it’s all very fun. And it’s easy enough with just some molly and an EDM show – but, we do get bored of it, and sometimes we actually have a soft side and don’t mind being a gentlemen and showing a lady how she should really be treated.

Because most women are used to such shitty guys their whole lives, and have had terrible experiences, they see any act chivalry as something strange – and don’t really know what to take form it.

It’s quite simple: bitches are broken. From the day she lost her virginity to the day she found her first love cheating on her, some wires got messed up, some fuses blew and she simply lost her mind.  Through these traumatic experiences, she has told herself that she will no longer be vulnerable and she should just look at sex as a casual thing. What she doesn’t understand is that it is quite hard for women to have unemotional sex – unless she’s completely blacked out.

Women are the ones that made sex casual, not men, because they are the ones that allowed it to get to that point because it’s all about the YOLO movement, “just getting mine” as they like to describe it and not putting titles on things.



The sad part is that they’re too stupid to realize that they have basically granted men a get out of jail free card. They are giving us sex just for us being assholes and not demanding anything from our side. It’s legitimately like all our dreams have come true.

Instead of standing up for themselves and demanding chivalry from men, they’re giving it away. Sure it’s making our lives easier because it allows us to fulfill our dreams of having casual sex and sleeping with multitudes of women throughout the course of our lives. But at some point we are going to have to settle down just because it is in our human nature to have a connection with a person that we enjoy being around beyond sex.

The issue I have is that when we do actually want to settle down and we meet women that are beautiful and deserve the best that life has to offer from a man — they are complete messes, with no respect for themselves and without a true sense of value for what they really are.

There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful young lady who should be treated like a queen, throw it all away by being a complete hooker, being tossed from douchebag to douchebag because she’s in her casual sex phase.


This is why in this day and age it is so hard to actually find a good girl with whom to settle down. They are like unicorns. They only come around every so often, but the chances of them being mentally stable, and being able to handle a gentleman, are slim to none. With no value, comes no awareness for how special you really are. And if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will respect you. And any time you mistake kindness for weakness, you prove you are not ready to be taken seriously.

I know I’m betraying my gender by saying all these things, but there needs to be a point where women stand up for themselves and demand to be treated the way they want to, and not like hookers because they are too afraid to get hurt again.

To have a connection with a female is a beautiful thing, but when she doesn’t appreciate it or doesn’t value your acts of chivalry — that is when she realizes she is most likely going to end up 30 years old, single, busted and going through her mid-life crisis.

– via Elite Daily