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We all know a guy with yellow fever – that is, white guys who only ever date and prey on Asian women. What is it about these almond eyed beauties that attract them? Ask any yellow feverish man and he will list the following attributes which oriental women are believed to possess.

The Asian woman is thought of as docile, which gives him all the power. She is assumed to be ultra feminine, loves to serve, hairless, petite and perennially horny. All she lives for is sex and serving her man. Sounds like the perfect woman, right?
Sorry white guys – I’m an Asian woman and am here to tell you that these ideals are all a bunch of dumplings.


The myth that all Asian women are obedient and submissive is true for anyone who has never actually dated an Asian woman. There is the belief that Asian women are weak and servile since they originate from a culture that traditionally serves men. We are seen as loyal and dedicated to our man by always putting him first and ourselves second. We retain our sense of femininity and also the Asian cultural attitudes of gentle, caring support.

WTF is this? An advertisement for a nursing home?

We’re believed to be never intrusive and will make suggestions to our man but never interfere with the decision-making process, rather accepting whatever he decides as the optimal solution. We’re easy to be with and rarely complain. This makes us sound like a Labrador.

We’re not all f*cking geishas. Most Asian women of our generation have the balls and brains to make our own decisions – and they rarely revolve around what our man wants. Asian women are educated, tech-savvy and self sufficient. We are generally picky and have high expectations from our men. Marriage is generally seen as a two-way contract in that the Asian wife gives face to her husband in public by respecting him and not contradicting his ways, but in exchange he must put their family first, cater to her in-laws and hand over control of the financial accounts to her.



A Ticket To A Better Life

The perception of the Asian mail order bride is still prevalent in some areas of the world, in that an Asian girl is looking to be rescued by an affluent white guy to give her a better life.

Many Asian women living in rapidly growing economies such as China recognize that marrying a Westerner no longer guarantees a better financial situation. Many of these women are paving the way for themselves landing jobs in high paying corporate positions and looking after not only herself financially but also her parents and extended family.

Don’t Gain Weight

There is this belief that because of the Asian diet, we never pack on the pounds making us the ideal girlfriend or wife because you’ll never have to worry about us ‘letting ourselves go.’ The misconception continues that Asian women only crave things like fruit, vegetables and rice – never anything deep fried or fatty like the Western women.

I was just in Asia and I saw a hell of a lot of fat bitches. How can you not put on weight when the Asian culture is so focused on food and eating at all hours of the day?

Not Money Hungry

Men often see Asian women as homebodies. We are believed to not care about designer clothes or flashy cars because we come from poor backgrounds and cherish the basics.

This idea is obviously false. Japan is one of the top markets for expensive designer houses such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Asian women are such designer whores that it’s not surprisingly to see them decked out in head to toe designer gear.
If you ask my Husband how much he has spent on me during the time we’ve been together, he may have a small heart attack. I once had a boyfriend take out a loan just so he could maintain the lifestyle I was accustomed to.



Crazy Sex Addicts

Sexual stereotypes surround all ethnicities, yet they are more extreme for Asian women. I know you think Asian women are all about loving you long time and perpetually popping ping pong balls out of our vaginas, but seriously that shit is just uncomfortable.

Not All Asian Women Are Prostitutes

Don’t ask us to store pens, cigarettes, chopsticks or razor blades in our vagina just because you saw those girls do it in Thailand.

Asian Girls Make You Feel Large

Of course we all know about the allegation that Asian men are small – both in stature and also penis size. But if you’re a white guy and you have a small penis, no amount of Asian women will make you feel like a black man.

– via Elite Daily