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Choosing to settle down and take on a relationship can be an physically and emotionally taxing experience for any man. The fun you can have is automatically decreased tenfold and it’s only going to get worse, the deeper you get into a relationship.

There comes a point a man reaches when he has a stable job and is comfortable with the woman he has been in a relationship with for the past few years. Through thick and thin, she has been there for him and he begins to think that she may be the one.

So, you are really considering marrying this woman and settling down with her for the rest of your life. But before you make one of the most important decisions of your life, it is important you know you have found the one. Here are the 10 red flags that she may not be wifey material:

She’s selfish and wants all the attention on her at all times.



There is nothing worse than a beautiful woman who is insecure. We all have our insecurities, but some women take it way too far. If the girl you are dealing with is constantly all about ‘me, me, me’ then it’s best you run. This will lead to a one-sided marriage that is all about her.

Marriage is a commitment between two people who are willing to compromise their extremes to be with each other and live a happy lifestyle. Someone who is selfish has no ability to compromise and it will without a doubt lead to many arguments and eventually a nasty divorce in which she will try to take all your money.

She’s really jealous and picky about whom you associate yourself with.



If you never gave her a reason to mistrust you, yet she acts weird when you are around certain girls that you have befriended, then she’s just jealous. If you think putting a ring on her finger will change anything, then you are sadly mistaken.

Don’t think it’s going to get better just because you are her husband now. Her possessiveness is only going to increase and there is nothing you can do. So if you think she’s needy and jealous as your girlfriend, then be prepared for a world of pain when you guys get married.

She doesn’t get along with your friends.



While this is the most difficult part of any relationship, it is imperative that she gets along with your friends. It is hard to find the proper balance between friends and a girlfriend in any relationship. She may not like your friends, but it’s important that she knows how to respect them because these are the people that have been with you through it all.

She tries too hard to change you.



If someone doesn’t love you for who you are, then they don’t deserve you. Period. There is no reason why you should have to change for anyone. While compromise in a relationship does encourage some change, these are usually just some minor adjustments. There is no need for you to drastically change the way you go about things because your other half wants you to.

She can’t cook your favorite dishes.



Now, we know it’s 2013 and feminism is the latest trend taken up by American women. For some reason, women find everything a man asks them to do offensive. Nowadays you can rarely find a woman who takes pride in cooking for her man, it is truly a lost art.

Nowadays you can’t even get a simple sandwich without getting an ear full. If she doesn’t know how to make at least 3 of your favorite dishes and doesn’t plan on putting the effort into learning how to make them, then she is not wifey material.

Complaining is one of the few things she does well.



There are three things the modern day American woman is good at: giving out orders, spending your money and complaining. American women have the annoying ability to be able to complain about everything. It is truly a nuisance because they are never satisfied and they find the dumbest things to complain about. If her best skill is complaining, it’s only going to get worse when you guys get married. So if she is a frequent whiner, it’s in your best interest to reconsider marriage.

She is happier with the new Giuseppe Zanotti shoes than your love and affection.


If the only way to keep her truly satisfied is by buying her new shoes or a new handbag, then you my friend are in trouble. This shows that she is truly materialistic and is only interested in you because you can afford to satisfy her material needs.

This type of woman should be a huge red flag as she is quick to change to any man who can please her money-hungry self. Although she may brag about being an independent woman, this talk all changes when it comes to her bills. She will expect you to pay for her bills and this can prove to be quite burdensome at times.

You stole her from her previous man that she said she was ‘in love’ with.



The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. Just as easily as you took her away from her last man, that’s how easily she will turn and leave you. Don’t think that a diamond ring buys loyalty. If you are contemplating marriage with a woman you took from someone, you should really reconsider this. This type of woman is only interested in her own needs and she will be quick to leave you if you can’t satisfy her.

She’s jobless, but keeps insisting that she’s trying to find herself.



Any girl that is 27-years-old and has a problem finding job is just a mess. This woman has no direction in her life and it is not going to change unless she finds something she truly loves to do. If she has changed careers multiple times and is having trouble staying in a particular industry, the problem is her and not society.

There is nothing more indecisive than such a woman and she will be quick to change her mind. She may say yes to marriage, but in the back of her mind, she may be considering saying no at the last second. Be careful with such a woman.

She’s over 19-years-old



If she is over 19 years old then she has just seen and been through way too much. It’s true when they say it’s way too hard to teach an old dog new tricks. An older woman already has her mind set and knows what she is willing to do and not do.

Where a 19 year old can be taught your preferences to make for an easier compromise, as she haven’t experienced half the stuff the older women have. If you need more reasons as to why you should marry a 19 year old feel free to refer to this past article.

Bonus: She doesn’t look back at it or cup the balls.



While good sex should never be the glue that holds any relationship together, it is a major factor. There is nothing wrong with a woman who isn’t really sexually active, but is willing to learn; however, if she shows no sign of improvement, then you need to watch yourself. Not everyone is going to have sex like a porn star, but is looking back at it and cupping the balls too much to ask for? Give her some tips to improve and if she doesn’t take your advice or has no interest in improving now, what do you think will make her want to do so when you guys are married?