You’ve done everything there is in life: you were the man in college, you made a lot of money and you are happily married. You no longer work the amount of hours you used to and all the hard work you previously put in is paying off now, as you get to gallivant and enjoy the finer things in life.

They say you can’t eat chicken every night and this statement holds true in life. You have done everything you set out to do and now there is nothing left for you to do but reap the benefits of your hard work. Although you are older and more mature, who says you can’t have fun?

This is the perfect time for you to get a mistress. Now, this isn’t taking away from your marriage, it’s just that you need some younger, faster and tighter eye candy. The entree just isn’t as good without something on the side. Now you must make sure you have the right candidate to be your mistress.

You can’t go about picking any lady you think will make great eye candy. It takes a certain kind of woman to be a mistress and you must spend some time finding the right one. To make your search easier, we have decided to come up with a foolproof guide to make sure you find the right mistress. Here are the signs that she will make the perfect mistress.

She’s between the ages of 25-35.



You don’t want a mistress that’s too old or too young. The problem is that you don’t want to deal with a woman who is inexperienced because the chances of getting caught with someone who is a little young are higher — and you really don’t want to deal with a woman who is too old. You need a girl at a ripe age who’s going to give you good sex and is mature enough to be comfortable with the fact that she is just your mistress and nothing more.

Under no circumstance should she be uglier than your current wife.



You are treading on uncharted territories and it’s important that you understand that you may get caught. Aside from that possibility, how dumb would it look if you get caught with a mistress that is not better looking than your current wife? This makes the whole experience pointless and it is truly disrespectful to your wife.

You will not find her on any major social media networks.



The key factor in keeping your mistress under wraps is to make sure that she is not a social media whore. You do not need any publicity on social networks because you never know who’s watching. You do not want anyone from your office or your wife’s social network to see photos of you and your mistress.

The less publicity the better, you guys aren’t in this type of relationship to be seen, you are meant to enjoy each other’s company and to partake in the physical pleasures.

She’s comfortable with the fact that you have a wife and knows her role as your mistress.



The whole point of having the side dish is to be able to have some fun without your marriage getting messy. The best mistresses are the ones that know their role. She knows you’re married and knows that her needs cannot compromise your marriage because it will mess up the whole flow of things.

She will be aware of when you are with your wife and take caution when it comes to contacting you. Cover your steps as much as you can, make sure she knows she’s your mistress and nothing more and nothing less.

She stopped believing in love back in high school.



If she doesn’t believe in love, then you my friend are in the clear. This shows that she won’t catch feelings and the likelihood of her getting attached are slim to none. This is the ideal situation and nothing can be better than a mistress that has no desire to be anything more. Your biggest worry in this situation is making sure you don’t fall in love.

She’s not in any of your wife’s social circles.



It is truly important that your mistress and your wife have as little contact as possible. Now your wife may have some gorgeous friends that may want some action from you, but this is a no go. There is no need to look through her friends for the right mistress.

This would really make it awkward, as the two will be together at many events because they know the same people. You do not want your wife and mistress coming into contact with each other on a regular basis. You are just asking to get caught.

Social climbing isn’t her thing.



Social climbers will do anything to get attention and they know how to use the power of information against you. When things aren’t going right, a social climber will have no problem spilling the beans and letting people know what is going on.

Someone who is good at social climbing is good at pillow talking. Trust me this isn’t her first rodeo and you aren’t her only partner, how do you think she affords trips to St. Barths and Bora Bora on a consistent basis? All social climbers look out for themselves and, in the end, it’s how they can further their status, so if you are in their way, they will not worry about ruining your marriage if it means meeting someone richer and of a higher status than you.

Monogamy is a concept she is unfamiliar with.



This shows that she is not a needy person and it will ensure that she will not grow to rely on you beyond the occasional pair of shoes or handbag. Understand that you are not the only one she is fooling around with and you can use this in your favor.

This will ensure that she is always occupied and never really has enough time to over think things or get too attached. A mistress that gets attached is a problem and there is only one thing to do once you notice this: abort mission.

She doesn’t have any relatives or immediate family members.



It is helpful to know that your mistress doesn’t have any immediate family living in the area. This means that there are fewer people in her life to worry about. It also decreases the chances of getting caught drastically because you never have to be worried about running into her family while you are with your wife. Also it’s harder for her to hide a double life when she has her immediate family around worrying about her well being and wondering why she is always taking last minute trips all over.

Sexual encounters with her fulfill all the fantasies your wife can’t.



There are just certain things your wife won’t do that your mistress has no problem doing. It is crucial that your mistress is as big of a freak as possible. The whole point of having a mistress is to have someone that can satisfy your wildest fantasies. You want to make sure she at least knows how to look back at it and has no problem doing the wildest things you may come up with.

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