marry-fuck-800x400This generation is full of women with myriad personalities and characteristics. Each individual woman has her own story, which truly makes her unique. As a man, you will come across countless women in your dating career. Some of them will be a complete waste of time and money, while others will prove valuable, as they will help you see things you never saw in yourself before.

After a while of dating, making up, breaking up and just plain old screwing around, comes a point where every man decides it’s the right time for him to settle down and to start a family. The problem isn’t with settling down, the problem is with finding a suitable partner. With the pool of suitable women at an all-time low, it is getting even harder and harder to find the right partner.

The biggest problem men have is that they do not know how to distinguish between the girls you just bang and the type of woman you marry. Since this is a pressing issue within our generation, we have decided to take the time and help you distinguish between the two. Here is your guide that will help you determine the type of girl you bang versus the type of woman you marry:

The girl you bang hates kids and never wants to be around them.


This shows that this woman is selfish and only cares about herself. A woman who does not want to have kids (aside from not wanting it to affect her body), is a little insecure and probably wants the lime light on her at all times.

The woman you marry is great with kids and eventually plans on having them.


Any girl who is good with kids that are not her own will make great marriage material. If she demonstrates a certain affection towards children, it shows that she will be a great mother, but more than that, it shows that she is selfless and is not always worried about having the attention on herself.

The girl you bang has never cooked a meal in her life and she expects to eat out every day.


Girls like this come with a sense of entitlement, they feel that men force women to be in the kitchen, therefore they do not learn how to cook. They are angry at the world and take out is their only source of food. In the long run, this can become quite expensive and prove to be a huge burden on your pocket.

The woman you marry doesn’t have to cook like a professional chef, but she is comfortable in the kitchen and CHOOSES to cook.


Any woman that knows how to cook and does so out of the kindness of her own heart is truly marriage material. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day’s work and having a wife who appreciates you by cooking a tasty meal. Also a woman who cooks will save you a bunch of money in the long run, as you wouldn’t constantly have to spend money paying for meals.

The girl you bang is high maintenance and is not one bit domesticated.


Girls like this feel very entitled and they expect you to coddle and to take care of them just like their parents did. These type of girls are a high maintenance and they make for horrible wives in the long run. No one wants to deal with someone who only asks for stuff, but never gives anything in return.

The woman you marry is domesticated enough and understands that marriage is all about teamwork.


What is a marriage if you constantly have to take care of your partner? A woman who knows her part and has no problem pulling her own weight is wife worthy. This will make the experience worth your while. Now this doesn’t mean you go around making your wife clean up after you, but if she wants to live in a tidy home, you both need to be able to do your part.

The girl you bang is an attention-hungry social climber.


Girls like this make horrible wives, as they will only marry people for status and once they find someone of a higher status, they are out the door. Women of this nature have a high divorce rate, but we can’t knock their hustle, as all these divorces have gotten them ranked on Forbe’s List. Many women like this end up on the Bravo network casting for “The Real Housewives” show.

The woman you marry couldn’t care less who she’s with as long as she’s comfortable and not disrespected.


If you find a woman who is comfortable in any social setting and isn’t on the constant prowl to climb the social ladder, then you have found a gem. A woman like this will stick by your side no matter what, just so long as she is comfortable and doesn’t feel disrespected. This is a woman that you need by your side as she is here to stay for the long run. Who wants to deal with a social climber that requires constant maintenance and the stress of her leaving you if you don’t meet her social demands?

The girl you bang has no intention of ever getting a job.


No healthy marriage can be fostered by a girl who doesn’t pull her own weight. If she has had more boyfriends than jobs, then you are in trouble. Be aware that you have a gold digger on your hands and she has no problem hanging out by the pool all day, drinking mimosas and popping Xanax while you are working hard to put food on the table. To her this is normal life and there is a high probability that she hasn’t had a real job ever and doesn’t plan on having one any time soon.

The woman you marry wants to have a career she enjoys.


If  your wife is enthusiastic about working, then you have struck gold. This shows that she understands responsibility and that you guys are a team. She will never leave you to fend for yourself. Although no one is forcing her to get a job, she does it under her own free will, which is truly a testament to the kind of woman she is.