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Many know that Singapore is the city of sex where commercial sex is abundant. The men in Singapore have no lack of places to have their sexual needs attended to when the need arises. For those who are unfamiliar, traditionally, commercial sex can be found in the assigned houses along even lanes of Geylang (these are regulated), street walkers along the small lanes of Geylang (these are not regulated), Massage Parlours (usually those with skimpy dressed women outside), Health Centers usually in Hotels, etc.

Similar to other trades, commercial sex eventually made its way into cyberspace. This provided conveniences to clients, and a false sense of security to pimps and the unregulated prostitutes.

SHS managed to get an exclusive interview with an online-pimp who agreed on condition that his identity is not revealed. Let’s just call him Samuel. I shall not disclose how I know him in order to protect him.

SHS: How did you get started?

Samuel: I started when I was around 19 years old. I dropped out of school after Secondary 4 failing my ‘N’ level. I held a few jobs which pays pittance and I was always broke. Soon I started betting on soccer with a local bookie and chalked up huge debt. In order to pay off my debt, I was offered a job as a runner for the bookie who also operates a loanshark syndicate. It was during this period where I came to know a few online-prostitution syndicate members. They know of my photoshop skill and recruited me to join them.

SHS: What does your job entails?

Samuel: They will send me picture of the girls and my task was to ‘blur’ out their face before advertising them on the internet. I also maintain a few blogs and also yahoo-group to recommend the girls to clients. At times, I also write FR (Field-Report) on the girls at sex forums so as to give them good reviews. If the girls are to operate in Massage palours, I will arrange for the shop to be renovated according to the requirement.

SHS: How do the syndicate source for the girls?

Samuel: We have overseas agents who will look for interested parties, they then liase with us in getting the girls here. Generally, we charge them according to the type of permits that they require:

a) Social Visit Pass – SGD500

b) 6 Months Entertainment Pass – SGD5,500 (Monthly Agent fee is SGD400)

c) 2 years Work Permit – SGD9,000 – 10,000 (Monthly Agent fee is SGD450)

SHS: How is work permit possible for such services?

Samuel: Of course the work permit will be for other jobs which the girls will never be there. If there are sufficient passports collected, a front company will be registered for this purpose. However, most of the time, the guarantee for being here in Singapore is only up to 1 year.

SHS: So how are you paid in doing so?

Samuel: I am paid for each job but I rather not talk about the actual amount openly. However, I do earn extra on the side. If the girls needs a place to stay, I will help them to find the place and may take a cut from there. If the massage palour requires renovation, I will partner with the contractor and also take a cut from there. I also arrange for the girls to have their sexy photoshoot which money can also be made there. On a slow month, I will bring back about SGD8000.

SHS: You do know that this is illegal right?

Samuel: Of course but this is a recession proof industry. How is one able to earn enough with my qualification? I have started to diversifying the things I do and invested into a loansharking business. I plan to stop once I earn enough to start my own business like selling handphones and pre-paid cards. We know that we are constantly being monitored by the authorities which is why we will do our activities only in cybercafes.

SHS: What is the trick in the business?

Samuel: The trick is how to make your girls look gorgeous even when they are not. Luckily there are make-up and push up bras that help us in our work. As long as the figure can be improved then it would be easy as the face will be ‘blurred’ anyway. In the worse situation, I will find pictures from the internet and photoshop it before using it. If the business for a particular girl is not good, we will also help her to post positive FR. There is a group of us doing it so getting a few good FR is easy. It is all about marketing.

SHS: What is the setback in the business?

Samuel: Beside the fear of being arrested, there is no CPF and no leave for the job. The job requires quite a bit of running around and liasing with people in getting the job done. So a car would be needed to get the job done. It is still okay if you are single when doing it but your partner may not be comfortable once she knows what you do for a living. The job is not easy and high risk, one should consider it seriously as some had been arrested even before they could enjoy their earnings.

source from Singapore Hall of Shame